A Change for the Better

Posted 20 May 2021

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In a world that doesn’t stop, change is inevitable. Sometimes this can be scary, but often it’s downright awesome. Just ask the film industry, because occasionally blockbusters look very different originally. Did you know Hugh Jackman nearly didn’t get the X-Men’s Wolverine gig? Lesser known Dougray Scott was set for the part but ended up too busy being the baddie in Mission: Impossible 2. In other changes, Ben Whishaw replaced Colin Firth as the voice of Paddington, a pregnancy meant Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman and Michael J Fox wasn’t first choice to star in Back to the Future. Minds. Blown.

So often, change is most definitely for the better - and right now that could well apply to redesigning your website.

Whether you’re fed-up with your current site or it feels like a faithful old friend, if it’s over three years old, it could do with an upgrade. We know, it seems daunting, but there are so many benefits to redesigning your business website. The phrase ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ has no place in this debate. If you want to see sustained work and growth, an up-to-date website is a must.

Firstly, there is the look of your site. If your online window looks poor or outdated, potential customers will get the impression your business is likewise. Trends move forward fast, so even something that was fantastic three years ago will have dated now. A refreshed, visually on-point website will put you back ahead of the curve.

Then there’s overall user experience. Again, customer expectations are constantly evolving, so your site needs to deliver on the form and function of today. Smooth site navigation, high quality, clear, shareable content and appropriate calls-to-action are key. No-one likes an awkward site. It’s important too that your website is designed with your target market in mind. If that market has changed over the years, your current site may no longer be attracting the type of work you want.

Services like Google Analytics are a great way to discover how visitors are using your site. If you find hits aren’t using certain pages or are even bouncing straight back off your site, then a redesign will allow you to remove deadwood and replace it with what your market wants.

Redesigning is also a great opportunity to check your SEO is up to scratch. Google is constantly updating its algorithm and sites need to keep up. Refreshing content, keywords, tags, descriptions and site maps to maximise their impact will help move your website up the rankings.

Finally, there are the other behind-the-scenes benefits of a redesign. Three years is a long time in technology and your site security may not be all it once was, leaving it open to attack and the aggravation that goes with it. For greater SEO, working links and a fast load speed are also needed. Upgrading your site is the perfect opportunity to improve security, increase load speed and lose broken links.

We know redesigning your website may feel daunting, so we’d like to offer our help. Whether you want a feature-packed design or a Squarespace website that don’t compromise on style or functionality, we can handle the whole process for you, it’s our passion. So, if it’s time to redesign your website, say hello and discover just how awesome change can be.