The Right Online Relationship

Posted 16 February 2021

preWebIT - Online relationship management

From the joy of sourdough to the problems of Parish Council meetings, lockdowns have taught us a lot. Like the importance of online relationships. We’re not talking dating sites or Google hangouts, but the connection between you and your potential clients. The value of an online relationship has never been greater, but how do you make the most of your online presence?

The answer to having a great online relationship with your clients starts with a great website. A truly responsive, SEO-friendly website with excellent user experience, to be exact. And that starts with your web designer - so how do you choose the right one? We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you get the right online relationship.

Firstly, consider the partnership. A good web design company will want to work with you, not just for you. They will listen to your goals and ideas so they can create a website to best help you achieve these. We’re big on relationship (as you may have guessed!). We want you to think of us as a member of your team, helping you to build, grow and succeed.

We’ll work with you to understand your business needs and marketplace and to build a professional partnership. We’ll also be honest should we think we’re not the right company for you. We’re friendly like that.

Secondly, make sure you will get more than just a pretty site. All that information gleaned about your goals and market will allow a quality web designer to analyse your target audience and set up your site with them in mind. A better user experience for prospects results in more hits and conversions. We’ll build with your customer-base in mind and make it work well to boot.

Equally on practicality, please ensure you choose a designer who will deliver structure, smooth navigation, appropriate calls-to-action and above all, an SEO-friendly site. Read our previous blog if you want to see the SEO effect of having a truly responsive website. We can’t stress the value of SEO enough. At preWeb IT Solutions, we design responsive websites – period.

Next, look at a designer’s portfolio. Examples of their previous websites will give you a good insight into their product and help you to decide if you like their style and substance. Beware of companies who only offer you screenshots of previous work and try to look at as recent sites as possible. You can view our most recent work if you’re interested. Go ahead, we’re not shy about it – in fact we’re rather proud.

Always find out exactly what is included in the package a web designer is offering you too. Copywriting, domain registration, website hosting, branding and ongoing SEO are important things to consider. We can offer all these if you require them, as well as a range of content management options.

Finally, professionalism. Take note of the professionalism, ethics and reliability of any potential web designer. Prompt replies and up-front answers can say a lot about a company even in the early stages.

If you’re an individual, small business or charity in need of web design and development, say hello to see if we can help you build the right online relationship. Awkward dates not included.